Pete & Bonwyn

I had a great time the other week shooting this lovely couple Pete & Bronwyn just before their big day. The idea was to give them an idea of different poses they’d feel comfortable doing and also feel a bit more confident in-front of the camera. Honestly I don’t think confidence was a problem with these two, they were great and up for some of my more  unusual ideas lol. The weather was good for us with only a few clouds in the sky and with a bit of the summer heat still hanging around. I’d been checking out a few different locations for the shoot a couple of days before and found some nice fields I liked the look of but I wanted something a bit different. By accident I stumbled upon a part of an abandoned railway track (I checked out it was abandoned as I didn’t want a squished bride and groom lol) plants had grown over and it was nice and out of the way of anyone seeing us. Anyway we had a great time, here are some of the images from the day.