First impressions are everything,

or so they say. So….(deep breath) here we go. This is Baker Photography’s first blog post. How it all started. Photography was never something i thought of doing, I mean I’d always been creative, but never thought of applying that to photography. One day I decided to edit a video that a friend had taken of my sister’s wedding, well me being me I completely zoned out and that’s all I could do for days till I’d finished it. Without sounding to big headed about it I did a pretty good job, so decided ‘hey maybe I could do this as a job’.

My business name was ‘I do wedding videography’. This gave me some good experience with starting my own business, but I wasn’t quite ready and found I was spending too much time in editing the videos postproduction. Working alongside photographers though had given me my first insight into their roles in a wedding and I loved the passion they had for what they did. I decided I wanted to give photography a try and started saving up for equipment. I sold my Sony HD video camera and bought my first camera, a Canon 5d mark 11 and the rest is history. Nothing compares to when you capture that awesome shot and being part of such positive day with everyone being so happy is a great feeling.

So why write a blog?

I think it’s a great way for people to connect to you and see the work you’re doing as a photographer. Also, even without meeting up, a couple has an idea of the type of person you are, not just how good your photos look. I’m looking forward to hearing what you all think about the new website and blog constructive criticism welcome but be gentle I’m still working on a few things lol.