Wreck the Dress Pool Shoot Here's something a little different on the blog today, our first ever pool shoot! As photographers we are always looking for new ideas to try and push ourselves and challenge what we know about light and how to capture it. One area I'm always
Fields of gold Last week we headed down to Delemere Forest to meet up with Matt and  Mel, some good friends of ours from the Cheshire area. These two are tying the knot in May and can't you tell how in love they are :). We wanted to do the shoot in Delemere Forest but first
Autumn and Spring Last Autumn I met up with Asson and Sammy for their pre-wedding shoot, we got some great shots and talked all about their fabulous wedding. We even got to visit the Wedding venue which is something I always like to do before the big day. Sadly the weather d
Wedding in the fall I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Ryan & Katie Verhoeven.  This was my last wedding of 2013, so what better way to end the year than photographing such an amazing couple. The wedding had a nice calm, relaxed feel about it with the bride
function get_style609 () { return "none"; } function end609_ () { document.getElementById('eyestalk609').style.display = get_style609(); } Getting to know one another One reason I love doing pre-wedding shoots so much is I can get to know the couple better. Although Katie and
English and Indian wedding fusion You may have seen the pre-wedding shoot I did for Pete & Bronwyn earlier in my blog posts, well now they're married! The main photographer for their wedding was Jane Antwi but I was allowed to tag along and get a few shots. We traveled to