At the river's Edge. We were privileged to photograph the wedding of Nathan and Viktoria in the lovely quaint village of Llangollen. They got married in St Mary's Church in Cyffylliog, Wales in a small intimate wedding attended by close friends and family. We then drove to The
  Poppy Red. We always try to search out new and interesting locations for our pre-wedding shoots but some places standout as being special, this was one of those. Not many poppy fields exist in the UK for obvious reasons, so when we heard about this one we had to visit it
  Singing in the Rain. Well what a crazy couple of weeks wedding¬† shooting we had! It went from cloudy to bright sunshine to rain clouds all within the same two weeks. This shows more than ever the importance of a photographer's ability to adapt no matter the conditions. S
Silhouettes at Sunset What a beautiful day we had with Asson and Sammy at their wedding at Pryors Hayes Golf Club in Tarvin. Glorious sunshine beamed down on us, what better weather could we have ask for at an open air wedding. Friends and relatives traveled from all over to a
M & M's We met up again with Mat and Mel but this time for their wedding! The morning started off with champagne and strawberries (not that we had any of course, we were on duty ;) and all the bridesmaids getting ready together. There's something nice about a bride havin
Blue Bells We headed up to Leeds the other day to shoot the pre-wedding of Dinis and Namnti. We'd only had contact with over them phone so we were really looking forward to meeting them both in person, they are a lovely couple. After chatting a little about their their big day